Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DBSyncer - A tool to synchronize databases through repository

Recently I started cleaning my PC from old, useless code and projects that I had been working on in the past and then I came across DBSyncer - a project intended to sync databases through repositories. Pretty useful if you and your colleagues (or friends) are developing a website or system, and you need a tool to sync the database between all the dev computers. I started developing this project in my spare time back in the beginning of 2011 because I needed such tool at work, where we were constantly  fighting with database synchronization through our subversion. But then in May 2011 I found a better job, where I didn't need this tool anymore, so development halted. Still, the made progress is pretty good - DBSyncer is fully working. I never released it because I wanted to implement a couple of features to it, but never got the time. Now, after more than an year, I'll release it as is - I'm sure there will be people happy to use it. I only replaced deprecated functions in newer PHP versions with working ones. So, what DBSyncer offers?

  • Automated database synchronization
  • Database change revisions
  • Database revert to revision
  • Well documented API
  • GUI

The main part of DBSyncer is it's PHP class - DBSyncer.php (only about 33kb). All other files are optional. If you choose to use only this file, you'll have to make the settings manually. Info about this, how to use DBsyncer and what methods it offers, is provided in the docs. If you want to use the GUI, then you'll need all files from the archive (available to download at project's page in Google Code). GUI can help you with the following things:

  • Install DBSync
  • Add new database
  • Import database
  • Remove database
  • See revision changes for each database
  • Apply revision to database both forward and backwards
  • Add or remove revisions
  • Export database without data (structure only)
  • Make changes to the config

All of these things are provided by DBSyncer.php. The GUI only helps you to manage databases visually. Also note GUI won't sync your databases automatically. If you want that, then you'll need to implement DBSyncer.php in your project and use its methods. See docs for more info.

Main screen
Screen showing database revisions

There is some unfinished work with the GUI - no "please wait" screen when applying revision (probably somewhere else too). If I have time, I'll fix this.

Final words - Although not entirely finnished, DBSyncer is still a good piece of work if it fits your needs. Enjoy!


  1. Nice. What are the supported DBs?

  2. The only driver available is MySQL. I was going to make more drivers, but I don't have the time :(

  3. For the first release of DBSyncer MySQL is perfect.GJ.